In Eat Like Eve, Cherry Capri makes the reader ponder, IF one was stuck in the Garden of Eden – exactly what would one be eating? It would not be other animals, but one would be eating a plant-based diet with an abundance of luscious low hanging fruits and rich ripe tomatoes. And speaking of tomatoes, the cover of the author in the altogether is a pretty good advertisement for just how fit and fabulous one can look eating like Eve. Bachelor Pad Magazine put it quite succinctly, “It’s short, skinny, sweet, and straight to the point. And judging from the cover photo of Cherry undressed amid banana palm leaves, something she’s doing must be working.”

This quirky funny raw food diet un-cookbook contains 88 quick delicious recipes based on living food principles and lifestyle. The recipes are vegan, lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and made from family friendly, natural ingredients. Cherry explains basics, equipment, ingredients, and even a bit of personal philosophy behind plant-based culinary choice. The book makes a perfect gift for someone you love who’s curious about eating healthier, but does not want to be hit over the head with a lecture… The text takes a non-judgmental, light-hearted approach and will appeal to anyone who is health-curious, or interested in inner beauty, longevity or weight loss. Cherry’s un-processed un-refined snacks are tasty enough to satisfy even hard-core omnivores. They are accompanied with clear list of ingredients, short fast instructions and color photographs for every dish – with time-saving tips and techniques.

Lastly, in quintessential Cherry retro style, this cookbook is filled with fabulous fun fifties illustrations! And the Audible audio book is loaded with Esquivel-inspired sound surprises.

The author, Cherry Capri, requested to launch her book on 11-11, Veterans’ Day, and offer a complimentary PDF of the book to any Veteran who signs up for her special email list from that day forward. Addressing the plight of Veterans’ home conditions and health is a topic that is near and dear to the author’s heart. She wanted to share her wealth of knowledge with those that have served. In addition, Miss Cherry Capri pledged to give a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project for each and every single Veteran who signs up for her PDF book at this website.

Currently, there are 5 different formats and editions available on Amazon:
Kindle Edition – $5.49
Audible Audio Book on Amazon and iTunes – $6.08
Black and White Print Edition $9.99
Full Color Collector’s Card Edition $24.99

–> Nook, iBook, GooglePlay available shortly…

About the Author, Cherry Capri

Cherry Capri is a quirky red haired eccentric Auntie Mame whose world is full of vintage style with bossa nova, retro futurism and Rat Pack era shenanigans. For ten years, Cherry Capri has written a “Dear Cherry” advice column for Mid Century Modern fans. Her column combines eco-friendly swanky style, healthy homemaking, hipster hostessing, along with Modern manners. She is also the host of a brand new weekly PRX show called “Dear Cherry.”